We’re thrilled to announce that hobnob has opened its doors to our 134 S. Main Street space!

This exciting endeavor will offer a black box studio space in Butler, providing a dedicated venue for our performances that were previously staged in spaces like The Art Center and The Grand Ballroom. In addition to our annual tradition of bringing Shakespeare to the parks each summer, we look forward to presenting captivating theatrical performances in the intimate settings that define our artistic identity.

Additionally, we are excited about how this will allow us to help nurture the future of theater in Butler: We will now be able to offer ongoing classes to local youth, helping to raise up a new generation of storytellers, actors, and performers. We are also excited to be able to use the studio space for any artistic and performance experiences. Please contact us if you’re interest in getting involved!

Follow us here or on social media to learn about all the events already planned for 2024.

We are still designing and enhancing the studio. In the meantime, take a look around: we can’t wait to welcome you inside.

Artist rendering of hobnob studio (proscenium setup and in-the-round setup)