ACT 3 Level Up – Grades 9-12: Winter Session

Thursdays, 5:00-6:30pm, January 25-March 14

  • Advanced Acting Techniques: Students will refine their acting skills through in-depth exploration of advanced techniques, including method acting, character analysis, and emotional depth. Emphasis will be placed on authenticity, vulnerability, and the ability to inhabit diverse roles.
  • Advanced Script Analysis: Building on script analysis skills developed in earlier classes, students will engage with more complex texts, studying the works of renowned playwrights and exploring the historical and cultural contexts that influence dramatic storytelling.
  • Experimental Theatre: Pushing the boundaries of traditional theater, students will explore experimental and avant-garde forms of performance. This includes non-traditional staging, multimedia integration, and other innovative approaches to storytelling.
  • Advanced Ensemble Work: Collaborative projects will challenge students to work closely as an ensemble, fostering a sense of artistic community and emphasizing the importance of effective communication and cooperation in producing high-quality theatrical performances.
  • Senior Showcase: The course will culminate in a Senior Showcase, where students will demonstrate their acquired skills in a public performance. This event not only celebrates their artistic journey but also serves as a portfolio piece for those considering further studies or careers in the arts.